Now what?

Knowing how much influence a few billionaires have on Texas politics can feel daunting. But everyone gets only one vote. Use yours! 

  1. Check whether you're registered to vote . You have until October 9 to register to vote in the general election. Click this link, then pull the drop-down menu on the right, called "Selection criteria." You can check your registration status by entering your name, county of residence, birth date, and ZIP code. 

  2. Learn about the candidates on your ballot. This amazing website, built by an ordinary Texan, will help you figure out whether a candidate is listening to you.

  3. Find your polling place! Use the same process as in point #1 above (click this link), and if you're registered, the result will show you where your primary polling place is. 

  4. Make sure you can prove you're you! Click here for valid forms of ID.

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