Meet Farris Wilks

Farris Wilks (Cisco, Texas) is a fracking billionaire, a pastor,

and the biggest individual donor in Texas state politics.

Wilks' money

Farris Wilks and his brother Dan sold their business, FracTech, in 2011. The brothers are estimated to be worth ~$1.5 billion each. The Wilks brothers are among the top landowners in Montana and in Idaho.

Wilks' church

Farris Wilks is the pastor of a church in Cisco, Texas, where women are expected to "keep silence" and where Wilks has preached against homosexuality. 

Wilks' businesses

The Wilks brothers are founders of Dallas-based Equify, and Cisco-based Wilks Development.  As of 2017, they owned 12% of a Canadian fracking company.

Farris Wilks is an owner of Forward Publishing, which in turn is an owner of conservative website The Daily Wire.

Wilks' political giving

Farris & JoAnn Wilks have pumped $3.76 million into Texas politics since 2015. That money goes to three PACs and almost three dozen candidates for office.


In 2015, Farris and his brother Dan gave $800,000 to 21 Texas legislators, all of whom voted to overturn Denton's fracking ban. They also put $15 million into a Ted Cruz Super PAC.

Wilks is also financially active in Montana and California state politics.

All campaign finance data sourced from candidate and PAC filings with the Texas Ethics Commission.

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